The things I am passionate about

Childcare Facilities

For our childrens present and future

Everyone who has children knows that they are the most important thing we have in our lives. The children spend a lot of time in the childcare facilities, so it is especially important that the conditions are sufficient throughout the day.

We have fantastic employees in all our childcare facilities here in Rudersdal. They are just too few and therefore they are struggling to make ends meet. This makes it more difficult than it should be to maintain the level of childcare and development we strive for.

I will therefore work on the following points:

  • More adults to take care of our children.
  • A maximum number of children per adult at any given time.
  • More freedom for the individual facilities for self-determination.
  • Ensure diversity - small & large institutions, forest kindergartens, day care.
  • Reduction of administration and office staff at City Hall.
  • Publish child/adult ratio at facility level.

In Rudersdal we have some fantastic children with parents that are more recourse full than most other municipalities. It is essential we take advantage of this to make Rudersdal Denmark's best municipality for families with children.

The Climate Challange

We only have one home - let us take care of it together

In Rudersdal, we have the absolute best opportunities to drastically change the way we work with the climate. Unfortunately, today it is too slow with too much talk and not enough action.

If we are to achieve our ambitious climate goals, we need to act now. Not only does it have to go faster, a lot more has to happen. We must simply dare to think bigger and act more.

I will therefore work on the following points:

  • The climate footprint must be considered during all purchasing decisions.
  • Establish a cross-policy committee to work on the climate task.
  • Further collaboration with private entities who have solutions ready today.
  • Involvement of our citizens about specific projects for improvements.

We already have the technology to make a huge difference today. We have all the tools available, and they are ready to be used. Therefore, it is imperative that we dare to think bigger and significantly different than what we do today.